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The miniaturization and high integration of electronic components make the functions of the car not limited to mobility tools, and more and more functions such as entertainment, communication and navigation are integrated into the car. Can these electronic appliances work safely and steadily in all possible environments, and remain friendly to humans and the environment?
Yiante has the strength in anti-electromagnetic interference test, environmental reliability test and functional verification test, etc. It can make the most fair and reliable answer to the above questions.

Applicable products        
● Reversing radar ● Automotive micromotor ● GPS navigator
● Regulator ● Window washer ● Cigarette lighter
● Regulator ● Spark plug / ignition coil ● Harness connector
● Relay ● Car audio system ● Breakdown voltage / insulation medium Electrical Constant
Test Items        
● Electromagnetic Compatibility (10m method anechoic chamber) ● Functional test ● Working noise
● Temperature rise test (10m method anechoic chamber) ● Normal working temperature and voltage ● Mechanical impact of automotive electronics
● Connector Plug and pull force test and current and other micro-motor performance test resonance point search, vibration durability,
● automotive electrical appliances in dust, rain, acid mist, ● automotive electrical appliances load limit and working life temperature and humidity environment vibration test
  mildew and other environments Working stability
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