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【Our Mission】

Committed to reliable testing, quality China

【corporate vision】

● Let the world have no hidden dangers, and build the most solid protective wall for human quality, health, safety and environmental protection

● Become the most reliable testing organization

【Enterprise's goal】

● Create a brand of precision service testing with global influence;

● Casting the global credibility of Chinese testing brands. Start a new revolution in global testing with a precise service model;

● Let the national testing brand stand on the international center stage, let the old pattern of global testing, launch a new world of Chinese testing, and enable the global credibility of the Chinese national testing to be upgraded;

● We dare to pioneer and pioneer the new model of global inspection and precision service;

● We adhere to justice and continue to abide by the truth and accuracy of the test data;

● The ultimate goal of technological development and social progress is to provide a better environment for human beings and allow people to enjoy a better life.

● Professional, efficient, caring and thoughtful, get things right the first time

【Enterprise Slogan】

Chinese detection! To the world!
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