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All countries in the world are now advocating green textiles, and more and more environmentally friendly textiles and clothing are appearing on the market. Through some standard tests to meet the international requirements for textiles and clothing, it has become a tool for the development of brands and trading companies. We also provide various training services, including various technical seminars and seminars on product standards, basic textile knowledge, and textile labels, etc., to share with customers the latest technology and testing standards.  

Test products we cover

Fibers and yarns, fabrics, down products, ready-to-wear, sun protection clothing, functional clothing, clothing accessories

Test items we provide

Fiber composition analysis, color fastness test, dimensional stability test, strength test, quality and combustion performance test, fabric structure analysis, environmental protection textile test, fiber and yarn test, down product test, other tests.

Fiber composition analysis

Fiber composition analysis has strict requirements for clothing and home textiles. The characteristics of the product are mainly reflected in the type of fiber and the proportion of fiber components contained in the fiber.  

Care label instructions

The care label instructions can provide consumers with a better understanding of the characteristics of the product, so we provide tests including color fastness to washing or dry cleaning, white fastness to bleaching, dimensional stability, and appearance retention to verify the accuracy of the label Sex.

Color fastness test

Color fastness is a basic indicator of product quality. Dye bleaching not only affects the appearance of clothing, but will also be absorbed by the body through the skin. Basic textile color fastness tests include: color fastness to washing, color fastness to water, color fastness to perspiration, color fastness to rubbing and color fastness to sunlight.

The safety of clothing and home textiles, which is reflected in the product's combustion performance, especially for children and pajamas products, whether it meets the regulations of combustion regulations, is very important for the sale of products.

Performance Testing

The tests we provide include size, color fastness, stability, physical properties, chemical properties, etc.

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