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Wireless charging QI certification

Wireless Power Consortium ( Wireless Power Consortium ) was founded in 2008 Nian 12 Yue 17 days, is organized by the cooperation of a number of independent companies. The aim is to create and promote the widespread adoption of Qi, an international wireless charging standard compatible with all rechargeable electronic devices .

As of 2017 Nian 10 Yue, WPC have come from all segments of domestic and international trade of 289 members, including Apple, Samsung, Microsoft, LG Electronics, Philips, Nokia, Sony, Peacekeeping force Valley VLG , Wisepower and other 289 brands have been included WPC Alliance.

Alliance Introduction

The Wireless Charging Alliance is governed by the Charter of the Alliance, which makes provisions on confidentiality, intellectual property rights, and decision-making. The mission of the Wireless Charging Alliance is to create and promote the widespread adoption of Qi , the international wireless charging standard compatible with all rechargeable electronic devices .

The Alliance is managed by a steering committee, and each fixed member has a seat in it. The chairman of the steering committee is Menno Treffers . The technical specifications are created by the specification working group, and the working group meeting is chaired by Chairman Scott Mollema . The Promotion Working Group is responsible for the communication between the Alliance and the outside world. Its chairman is Camille Tang .

Alliance Vision

Wireless for a better life

We love freedom, we like to walk around, and enjoy the feeling that there is no wiring, no bondage, but you can connect at any time.

There are always many inconveniences in connectors and wiring

Eliminate the last wire! Since everything is wireless, why do mobile phones and small appliances still need to be plugged in?

Connectors and wiring are optional

Power transmission can pass through the connector, which is unexpectedly simpler than short-distance transmission. Long-distance transmission is still a bit challenging.

Wireless battery charging is very common

Short-distance power transmission has been used in a variety of products, toothbrushes, LED candles, remote controls, medical equipment, power tools, digital cameras and telephones.

Compatible chargers are the general trend

We all love wireless products, but do n’t want incompatible charging stations to fill our desks and houses. We need the charger to be compatible with the products of different companies, even with the products that will be launched next year.

Wireless charging QI certification standard

The Wireless Charging Alliance will set international standards for compatible wireless charging docks. Compatible products will be printed with a logo for identification. Phones, cameras, remote controls and all mobile electronic products with logos will be compatible with all charging bases with logos, simple and obvious.

global cooperation

The Wireless Charging Alliance is a cooperative organization among Asian, European and American companies. We believe that all mobile products around the world need to be compatible.

The Wireless Charging Alliance is a cooperative organization between companies in different industries. We are convinced that all portable electronic products - mobile phones, audio and video players, computer accessories, cameras, remote controls, toys, game consoles, medical and personal care equipment - will be printed with a symbol representing compatibility.

Open Alliance

The Wireless Charging Alliance accepts applications from all companies as members. All companies can use the relevant standards and logos without different conditions. We believe that this standard will be popularized in all products and markets.

Technical specifications

The charging duration of the wireless charging standard will be equal to the duration of the existing wired charger technology, and will comply with the main international radiation safety regulations and emission standards. The Alliance will first set international standards for devices of 5 watts and below, and will then develop international standards for high-power devices and equipment.


Short-distance transmission is generally based on the principle of electromagnetic induction. With this technology, the receiver only transmits power when it is near the transmitter. The discovery of magnetic induction technology can be traced back more than 100 years. Due to its simple, efficient and safe characteristics, it has been used in various electronic devices for many years.

Alliance members

On September 1, 2010 , the world ’s first wireless charging technology standardization organization , the Wireless Charging Alliance, announced in Beijing that it would first introduce Qi wireless charging international standards into China. The Communication EMC Quality Supervision and Inspection Center of the Ministry of Information Industry also joined the organization.

As of 2017 Nian 10 months, the alliance existing 289 member companies, and continue to grow. Including Weiligu VLG , Atmel , Callpod , case-mate , Compal, Continental Automotive , ConvenientPower , China Optoelectronics, Duracell , Elion Magnetoelectric Products Co., Ltd., Energizer , Yike, Fulton Innovation , Hanrim Postech , Hebi, Hosiden , iGo , Jeckson , Leggett & Platt , LG Electronics , Liming Technology, Lexing Cable, National Semiconductor, Nokia, Metrans , BASECOM , Olympus, Philips, Powerkiss , Zhishen electronic,Rohm Semiconductor Group, RRC power solutions GmbH , Samsung Electronics, Sanyo, Sanphi , SixEye Interactive Ltd. , Sony Ericsson Mobile Communications, ST-Ericsson , Texas Instruments , Toko , Verizon Wireless , Wisepower and Xentris Wireless .

The wireless charging technology adopts a unified industry standard. In the next few years, mobile phones, PMP / MP3 players, digital cameras, laptop computers and other products can use the same new wireless charger with low energy consumption and high compatibility. This charger is similar to a tray that is directly plugged into the power supply. The mobile phones of different brands with the "Qi" logo of various enterprises that have been certified by the alliance are directly placed on it to complete the charging.

QI Alliance Logo


The logo of the Wireless Charging Alliance is " Qi"-"Qi" means " Qi " , which stands for " Genuine " in Asian philosophy - an invisible energy.

  Qi represents the compatibility between the power transmitter and the power receiver. Any Qi receiver can be applied to all Qi transmitters.

  The design of the Qi logo is simple and conspicuous. Nowadays, the trend of most battery charging equipment is small, even in small portable electronic equipment and packaging, "Qi" is still obvious. In the near future, whether it is convenient to charge the device through the "Qi" method will quickly become an important consideration for consumers to purchase new electronic products. If you see Qi charging stations all over the office, hotels, airports and railway stations, as part of the infrastructure to provide wireless charging services anytime, anywhere, do n’t be surprised - this is Qi , a modern lifestyle.

QI membership application categories and fees


Wireless charging QI certification process

1. Consultation and communication before certification

2. Formal quotation after providing product information

3. The customer confirms the quotation and provides the required information documents as required

4 , WPC Membership Application

5. Product specifications and other information submitted for review

6. Provide test samples for compliance testing in local laboratories

7. Submit samples for compatibility testing

8. Final confirmation of product information

9. Product registration on WPC website - completed

Precautions for wireless charging QI certification

1. The enterprise must first become a member of WPC and pay membership dues before it can be certified as a listed product;

2 , Qi certification testing must WPC authorizing a laboratory;

3 , Qi certification is a voluntary certification requirements, not the local market regulations. Through Qi certification, products also need to comply with the corresponding regulatory requirements, such as CE , ROHS , REACH, FCC, etc .;

4. The current Qi certification standards have been updated. Please ensure that the solutions used by the modules meet the requirements of the new standards.

Wireless charging QI certificate template


Questions and answers about wireless charging QI certification:

1. Can I make a series?

If the products are consistent , apply for other products after completing the original.

2. Can different powers be made together?

No , different power must be applied separately.

3. Different companies apply for the same product with different trademarks?

Yes , apply for another one after completing the original.

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