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CCC certification introduction

The full name of China CCC certification is "Compulsory Product Certification System", which is a product conformity assessment system implemented by governments of various countries to protect consumers' personal safety and national safety, strengthen product quality management, and implement in accordance with laws and regulations. The so-called 3C certification is China's mandatory product certification system, the English name China CompulsoryCertification, the English abbreviation CCC.

The compulsory product certification system is a product conformity assessment system implemented by governments in accordance with laws and regulations in order to protect the safety of consumers, animals and plants, the environment and national safety. It requires products to comply with national standards and technical regulations . Compulsory product certification is to implement compulsory testing and review of products listed in the "Catalog" by formulating a product catalog of mandatory product certification and implementing mandatory product certification procedures. All products listed in the compulsory product certification catalogue, without obtaining the certification certificate of the designated certification body, without applying the certification mark according to the regulations, shall not be imported, sold out of the factory, or used in business service places.

CCC certification will be fully implemented from May 1, 2003 (later postponed to August 1, 2003), and the original product safety certification and import safety and quality licensing system will be abolished at the same time. The compulsory product certification systems that have been announced so far include "Compulsory Product Certification Management Regulations", "Compulsory Product Certification Marks Management Measures", "The First Batch of Products Implementing Compulsory Product Certification" and "Related to the Implementation of Compulsory Product Certification Notice of issues. The first batch of products listed in the compulsory certification catalog include wires and cables, switches, low-voltage electrical appliances, power tools, household appliances, audio and video equipment, information equipment, telecommunications terminals, motor vehicles, medical equipment, and security equipment.

It should be noted that the CCC mark is not a quality mark, but only a basic safety certification. CCC certification is mainly to try to pass a package of solutions such as "unified catalog, unified standards, technical regulations, conformity assessment procedures, unified certification marks, and unified charging standards" to completely solve the long-standing and repeated policies in China's product certification system. The issue of review, double charging, and the distinction between certification and law enforcement, and the establishment of technical regulations, standards, and conformity assessment procedures consistent with international rules can promote trade facilitation and liberalization.

CCC certification mark

When the certification only involves safety, the "S" certification mark is used; when the certification involves both safety and electromagnetic compatibility, the "S & E" certification mark is used.

The necessity of CCC certification (the benefits of applying for CCC certification)

1. 3C certification is a mandatory certification and a pass to enter the domestic market; CCC is a mandatory domestic certification. If it is sold in China, it depends on whether your company's products are in the 3C mandatory catalog. If you are there, you must do 3C certification. Enterprises with 3C certification can enhance the recognition of enterprise products. If the product is exported, there are 3C certification marks, which can reduce certain items of export testing.

2. Products and enterprises with 3C certification are easy to be recognized, enhance customer confidence, shape corporate image and increase visibility. Products without 3C certification are not easy to buy.

3. Because CCC certification is a kind of authoritative certificate issued by a third-party testing organization independent of the first party (supplier) and the second party (purchaser), through strict inspection and inspection to meet the requirements of products A fair and scientific quality system, consistent with the laws of the market economy, can bring direct economic benefits to both parties to the trade.

4. It is an important manifestation of corporate culture and quality culture for an enterprise to obtain a CCC certification and a CCC certification mark. Striving for the CCC certification mark and producing high-quality products are not only material achievements, but also spiritual products, but also the crystallization of corporate culture.

CCC certification applicable countries

CCC is a mandatory certification in China.

CCC certified product type

CNCA-C01-01: wire and cable

CNCA-C02-01: Circuit switch and electrical equipment for protection or connection (electrical accessories)

CNCA-C03-01: Low-voltage switchgear

CNCA-C03-02: Low voltage components

CNCA-C04-01: small power motor

CNCA-C05-01: Power tools

CNCA-C06-01: Electric welding machine

CNCA-C07-01: Household and similar equipment

CNCA-C08-01: Audio and video equipment

CNCA-C09-01: Information technology equipment

CNCA-C10-01: Lighting appliances

CNCA-C11-01: Automotive

CNCA-C11-02: Motorcycle

CNCA-C11-03: Motorcycle engine

CNCA-C11-04: Car seat belt

CNCA-C11-05: Motor vehicle horn

CNCA-C11-06: Motor vehicle brake hose

CNCA-C11-07: Motor vehicle exterior lighting and light signal device

CNCA-C11-08: Indirect vision device for motor vehicles

CNCA-C11-09: Automotive interior parts

CNCA-C11-10: Car door lock and door retainer

CNCA-C11-11: Automotive fuel tank

CNCA-C11-12: Car seat and seat headrest

CNCA-C12-01: Motor vehicle tires

CNCA-C13-01: Safety glass

CNCA-C16-01: Telecom terminal equipment

CNCA-C19-01: The following products in anti-theft alarm products

--Intrusion detectors (active infrared intrusion detectors, indoor passive infrared detectors, indoor microwave Doppler detectors, microwave and passive infrared composite intrusion detectors)

CNCA-C21-01: The following products in decoration products

--Solvent wood coatings, porcelain tiles

CNCA-C22-01: stroller products

CNCA-C22-02: Toy products

CNCA-C22-03: Restraint system for child occupants of motor vehicles

CCC certification authority

A total of 11 CCC certification agencies issued different types of CCC certificates; they are China Quality Certification Center, China Safety Technology Prevention Certification Center, China Agricultural Machinery Product Quality Certification Center, China Building Materials Inspection and Certification Center, Beijing Sinochem United Quality Certification Co., Ltd., China Automobile Certification Center, Ministry of Public Security Fire Product Conformity Assessment Center, Beijing Guojian Lianxin Certification Center Co., Ltd., Fangyuan Mark Certification Group, Beijing China Light United Certification Center, China Information Security Certification Center.

CCC certification process

Stage 1: Application acceptance;

Stage 2: data review;

Stage 3: receiving samples for sample delivery;

Stage 4: Sample testing;

Stage 5: Factory inspection;

Stage 6: Conformity assessment;

Phase 7: Certificate approval;

Stage 8: Print, receive, send and manage the certificate.

Technical information to be submitted for CCC certification

Product specifications; product specifications; product maintenance manuals; product circuit diagrams (including schematics and printed circuit layouts); explanation of the differences between the main model product and the covered model product in the same application unit; details of key components related to product safety Table and detailed list of main parts and components that have an impact on electromagnetic compatibility performance; copy of the certification certificate of key safety components of the product; CB test certificate and report of the product (if any); authorization of use of the trademark of the product (if any);

Items to be tested for CCC certification

The items to be tested for CCC certification are tested by the laboratory according to the standards of each product.

CCC certification time period and validity period

The certification time period is generally 4 weeks after the samples and materials are complete (excluding factory inspection time), and the CCC certificate is generally valid for five years.

CCC certification factory inspection and other matters needing attention

(I) Review content: factory quality assurance capability + product consistency check

1. Factory quality assurance ability review. According to CQC "factory quality assurance ability requirements" and "factory inspection record form" for review.

2. Product consistency check 3: Carry out consistency check on the products applying for certification, focusing on verifying the following:

(1) The identity (nameplate) of the certified product is consistent with that indicated in the type test report;

(2) The consistency of the structure of the certified product and the type test samples;

(3) The consistency of the important parts / components of the certified product with the "List of important parts / components" in the type test report;

(4) Carry out on-site inspection in accordance with the "Routine Inspection Items and Confirmation Inspection Items Table".

3. Initial factory inspection method; the initial factory inspection can be carried out separately or combined with the CCC certified initial inspection or supervisory inspection.

(2) The time of the initial factory inspection; under normal circumstances, the initial factory inspection shall be conducted after the type test is passed. Type tests and factory inspections can also be conducted at the same time as needed. The factory inspection time is determined according to the number of units of the product to be certified, and due consideration is given to the production scale of the factory. Generally, each processing site is 1 to 4 person-days. The specific review time is given in the "Special Requirements for Product Certification Implementation Rules" of the corresponding products. The time of the auditors on the road is calculated by half a working day every day, which is not within the number of people / days listed above.
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