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The HDMI (High Definition Video Media Interface) technology is introduced and managed by the HDMI Association. HDMI products must pass HDMI certification before they can be used and sold publicly.

For the details of the HDMI test specification, please refer to: " HDMI Conformance Test Specification 1.1 ", " HDMI Specification 1.1 ", " HDCP Specification 1.1 ";

One. HDMI output compatibility test:

1 . Compatibility with HDMI interface TV: simultaneous transmission of audio and video;

2 . Compatibility with DVI interface TV: only transmit video;

3 . Compatibility with HDMI interface power amplifier: only transmit audio;

Judgment standard: The audio that can be transmitted through the HDMI interface supports " any compressed digital audio that can be output through S / PDIF " and "2/6/8 channel, uncompressed digital audio with a sampling rate of 32-192KHZ " , and can output "I2S (A digital transmission interface, the time difference performance is better than S / PDIF , suitable for short-distance communication) and SPDIF audio " ; it can always get the audio quality of CD ; the video that can be transmitted through the HDMI interface supports " HD 1080I " , " HD 720P " , " Normal Interlace " and " Normal Progressive " , and supports both NTSC and PAL TV standards; it can automatically output " YUV " according to the video status accepted by the receiving endOr "RGB" encoded video format;

Plug reliability

two. HDMI port insertion and removal reliability test:

1 . Reliability of interface hot plugging : when the disc drive and the receiving end are working, plug and unplug the HDMI interface, whether the devices at both ends are working properly, and whether the audio and video functions output by HDMI are normal

2 . ESD test

3 . Interface plug life test: plug and unplug the HDMI interface multiple times to test the life of the HDMI interface; judging standard: the receiving end can output HDMI audio and video signals normally during hot plugging, and the source system must still work normally; the minimum plug life of the interface 5000 times or more;

Output reliability

three. Reliability test of HDMI output:

1 . Source output drive capability test;

2 . Attenuation characteristic test of connecting line;

3 . High frequency and large capacity data transmission reliability;

Judgment standard: the maximum transmission length is 30 meters to ensure the normal sound and image; the smoothness of the playback screen of the large-capacity DVD (multi-subtitle, multi-channel) disc;

4 . Whether the HDMI output is normal when it is turned on and in standby .

four. Detection standards for HDMI cables and interfaces:

Please refer to the testing standards of the HDMI interface and cable suppliers;

Fives. HDMI port output test under abnormal working conditions :

1 . High and low temperature state:

2 . High and low pressure state:

3 . Long working state:

Judgment standard: The specific parameters of temperature, voltage and working time refer to ordinary disc drives; in these states, the audio and video functions of the HDMI interface are required to work normally;

six. HDMI output port function test :

1 . HDMI port supports 1080P , 720P of HD -format video output;

2 . HDMI port supports various compressed and uncompressed digital audio output;

3 . Automatic detection device receiving screen ratio; criteria: in the same sources, the HDMI HD output image effect should be less than CVBS and color ordinary " clearer, flicker , more details on the expression of more realistic colors " ( You can use high-definition JPEG pictures or DVD effect demo discs to demonstrate); if the receiving TV device can decode the digital audio signal output by HDMI , the receiving end should have a sound output; the HDMI output can automatically adjust the aspect ratio of the output Adapt to receiving equipment.

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