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1. What is Bluetooth BQB certification?

Bluetooth certification is also called BQB certification. In short, if your product has Bluetooth function and the Bluetooth logo must be marked on the product appearance, it must pass a certification called BQB . All Bluetooth SIG member companies can use the Bluetooth word mark and logo after completing certification. The Bluetooth word mark and logo can only be used for related products that have passed the Bluetooth qualification certification process. With the continuous development and evolution of Bluetooth technology, we can see that the Bluetooth trademark has also undergone an important change. The background color of the Bluetooth trademark has changed from dark blue to bright blue. And the brand-new slogan "unthinkably connected" beyond imagination , meaning that Bluetooth helps people to establish a connection between technology and beyond imagination, which means that " new blue " will undoubtedly make our lives better!

It should be noted that another major change of the Bluetooth brand is the discontinuation of the Bluetooth Smart and Bluetooth Smart Ready trademarks. The Bluetooth word mark is also a trademark, but its word mark cannot be changed and cannot be translated into any other language. The following are the available Bluetooth text trademarks: English ( Bluetooth ) Simplified Chinese (Bluetooth) Traditional Chinese (Bluetooth) Japanese Translation (ブ ル ー ト ゥ ー ス) Korean Translation ( ???? ) Bluetooth trademarks must be added no matter what form they appear footnote trademark - ?. "Word Footnote font size is not specified, but must be clearly visible.


2. Who can use the Bluetooth brand? What are the conditions for using the Bluetooth brand?

1. The company must become a Bluetooth SIG member to use the Bluetooth brand. 2. Member companies using Bluetooth brand products undergo proper qualification certification and abide by the Bluetooth license agreement, and must complete the qualification certification and declaration process through online tools managed by Bluetooth SIG . 3 , the Bluetooth SIG members the right to use the Bluetooth brand product

Use Bluetooth technology in products and services; use the Bluetooth brand in products and services; OEM or resell products that use Bluetooth technology. 4. Bluetooth BQB certification process


5. What materials are required to apply for Bluetooth BQB certification?

1. Application Form for Bluetooth certification (basic information of the product) 2. ICS / PIXIT (used to confirm the scope of the test) 3. Authorization letter / NDA (non-disclosure agreement) _QDL is only used when it is used 4. DoC / SDoC (manufacturer's declaration) _listing will provide documents for signature 5. Technical documents: User Manual Schematics Block Diagram PCB Layout BOM Product Spec. Antenna Spec. (Antenna pattern included) Brief Product Desription ( less than one hundred words )

Remarks: It is necessary to register SIG official website members in advance and purchase DID . 6. Sample requirements

It needs a total of two prototypes, 2 sets of leads RF cable, to be able to enter the test and DTM prototype mode and two-working + accessory sets. 7. Bluetooth BQB certification cycle

The test period is 1 week, and the report review plus listing period is 1 week.

8. Bluetooth BQB certification fee

The Bluetooth bqb certification fee includes two parts: (1) DID fee; (2) test fee;

1 , DID buy points 3 kinds of situations:

The first one: small business incentive plan IIP:

Requirements: 1) The applicant company does not have any declaration record and listing; 2) The company's annual sales are less than 1 million US dollars

Cost: In 18 there are two chances within months at 2500 USD / DID buy DID , and must be 18 to use within months, if not used in accordance with the difference between needs filled. After 18 months, the cost returned to normal.

The second type: free membership ( non-annual membership ) :

8000 USD / DID, unlimited times.

The third type: annual membership:

Applicant companies with annual sales of less than 100 million US dollars: annual fee: 7500 USD / year; 4000 USD / DID , unlimited times.

Applicants with annual sales of more than US $ 100 million: annual fee: 35,000 USD / year; 4000 USD / DID , unlimited times.

Note: 1) The annual fee needs to be repaid every year; 2) After the listing is completed, it will be valid for a long time;

2. The test fee and certificate fee are determined according to the specific project of the laboratory. For detailed fees, please contact customer service.

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