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Founded in 1999 Nian

Global non-profit organization

In 2000 , the group adopted "Wi-Fi®" as the true name of its technical work and announced its official name: Wi-Fi Alliance.

Over 700+ member companies

Shared vision is to connect everyone and everything, no matter where ( Connecting the Everyone and Everything, Everywhere )

Mission :

Promote efficient global cooperation between member companies

Provide superior connectivity experience through interoperability

Accept technology and drive innovation

Promote our technology globally

Advocating fair global spectrum rules

Lead, develop and accept industry-recognized standards

Check the membership: https://www.wi-fi.org/membership/member-companies 

Wi-Fi brand

Certified trademark :

The Wi-Fi Certification  logo is a globally recognized Wi-Fi® product certification stamp

Represents that the product has passed rigorous testing to verify device interoperability, adhere to the latest security mechanisms, and support advanced features

Enterprises need technology, consumers need, and alliances provide technology.

Only Wi-Fi Alliance ® members can use the Wi-Fi certification mark and Wi-Fi to other certification mark.


For more detailed information, please refer to the Wi-Fi official website brand guide

Wi-Fi certified products are tested by an independent authorized testing laboratory

Based on interoperability

Need to become a Wi-Fi member


Wi-Fi Alliance Test Process


Apply to become a member of the Wi-Fi Alliance   https://www.wi-fi.org/membership-application


Guests submit an application for certification to the Wi-Fi Alliance and select the corresponding ATL , and the laboratory receives the CID

Guests contact ATL to send the device under test

The laboratory begins testing

ATL provides corresponding test results

 Alliance issued certification certificate certificate template

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