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Shenzhen Electronic Testing Laboratory Technology Co., Ltd. is an independent third-party organization that specializes in testing, testing, certification consulting, technical consulting and services for the safety and electromagnetic compatibility of electrical and electronic products. The company is positioned to provide high-tech service industries such as public inspection and testing services, issuing inspection and testing reports, and providing consultation on inspection and testing needs. The testing fields involved include 5 major categories of comprehensive performance testing, including electromagnetic compatibility testing, safety testing, environmental protection testing, energy efficiency and reliability testing. At the same time, we provide professional IOS customer factory auditing and other international management system certification consulting, enterprise management consulting and Training Services. Can provide more than 100 testing services in different fields of testing services. The products covered include: consumer electronics, wireless communication terminal products, in-vehicle electronic equipment, audio and video / broadcast appliances, household appliances, lighting equipment, new energy batteries, LED energy-saving lighting and toys and other product areas.

Headquartered in Shenzhen, the frontier city of reform and development, Yiante has branches in Xiamen and Ningbo. The testing service network covers the entire Greater China region and gradually expands its business to other places. The company has a complete safety and electromagnetic compatibility testing laboratory, which can improve and perfect the structure and quality of certified products for manufacturers and exporters according to the international standards of related products, complete the test and obtain the corresponding certification in an effective time, Enable customers to successfully enter the international market. By virtue of a professional and outstanding expert team and a strict laboratory quality assurance system, the company widely serves export or domestic sales enterprises in southern and eastern China, and provides professional and accurate testing and corresponding consulting services for the manufacturing and trade export industries in the surrounding areas.

Shenzhen Yiante Testing Technology Co., Ltd. is composed of safety and electromagnetic compatibility professionals with many years of experience. With excellent corporate strength, Yiante can provide you with a one-step certification service, which can not only save your expenses, shorten the certification cycle of products, so that your products can enter the international market in a shorter time, and Can increase the visibility of the enterprise and make your products more competitive in the market.

Since its establishment, Yiante has conducted effective system management of laboratories in strict accordance with the international standards of ISO / IEC 17025, GUIDE 25 and EN45001. We will provide an effective way for your products to successfully obtain certification at home and abroad with fair, accurate and scientific testing methods, a serious, responsible and efficient work policy and a warm, thoughtful and comprehensive service attitude. At the same time, we will constantly evaluate the demand for services, and often predict the development trend of the certification market, and strive to provide customers with good services.

At the same time, Yi Ante has gathered a group of auditors and technical experts in quality management, environmental management and environmental protection with rich theoretical and practical experience. Through the work of our experts, we can provide organizations with reliable, direct and rapid quality management and environmental management related services. Provide companies with ISO9000, ISO14000, OHSAS18000, ISO / TS16949, ISO20000, ISO27001, ISO13485, ISO22000 (HACCP), ISO17025, GB / T50430, customer inspection and other international management system certification consulting, enterprise management consulting and training services.

Yiante will use advanced management and service concepts, combined with the consultant team's experience and technical methods in various industries, scientific advanced management tools, etc., to connect with customers' practice, so that customers can truly experience Yiante's high-end value-added services. Fast and effective system certification service. With high ambitions and forge ahead, in the face of opportunities and challenges, Yi Ante Testing Technology Co., Ltd. will continue to explore and seek innovation, hoping to become your partner, make progress together with your enterprise, achieve the future together, and build a brilliant cause together!

Fair and independent, professional and accurate, high quality and high efficiency is our service tenet.

Fair and independent

Yiante strictly carries out effective system management for laboratories in strict accordance with ISO / IEC 17025, GUIDE 25 standards and CNAS requirements. The company's operation process starts from the quotation issued by the business personnel, to the post-certification delivery and sample storage management, and there are dedicated people responsible for each link. Every link will be reviewed by a dedicated person to ensure the rigorous test data and reports Sex and accuracy. At the same time, it has strict customer confidentiality procedures, whether it is technical information, product performance, test reports, or any other business activities of customers, all belong to the category of confidentiality, and customers can rest easy. This is the fair and independent service standard adhered to by our company.

Professional and accurate

In terms of technology, Yiant has always accumulated a wealth of experience in safety regulations, EMC and wireless product certification and rectification in a dedicated and dedicated spirit. We have several senior engineers who have worked in major certification bodies to evaluate and test our customers' products and provide them with technical consulting services. We are not only testing after receiving samples, but also include safety consulting or production consulting for initial customer product development, testing of receiving customer samples, and consulting services on safety regulations after the completion of Project (IPI, safety regulations new knowledge 、 Payment of regulatory fees, factory inspection factory received VN), professional spirit and sincere attitude throughout all processes, effective system management of the laboratory, we maintain close contact with the certification bodies of various countries in the world, can provide comprehensive certification of all countries in the world.

Quality and efficiency

We know the value of customer time, but we also know that only complete testing capabilities and extensive rectification experience can win time for customers. The laboratory of Yiante is accredited by TUV, UL and other international certification bodies, and can directly apply for eyewitness testing without being affected by the testing schedule of the certification body, which greatly shortens the certification time. We are familiar with the operation process of various certifications, and can quickly and correctly evaluate the relevant operating procedures for you, eliminating many evaluation waiting times, making the test time shorter and lower cost. We have divided all the application work into a professional division of labor in order to improve the efficiency of the application and maintain high-quality services.

Chinese testing, leading to the world

Since its establishment, the company has been adhering to the certification goal of "China's testing, leading to the world", providing comprehensive and powerful certification services and technical support for various electronic products, and has been unanimously recognized by customers. In the next few years, we will focus our work strategy on enhancing the competitiveness of our certified international brands. Strive to serve a wider customer base.
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