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    With the development of social economy, the popularization of various electronic and electrical food preparation products such as rice cookers, juice machines, coffee machines and so on has brought great convenience to our lives. While paying attention to the quality of life, people are also increasingly concerned about the safety of food, but they often overlook the safety of materials that come into contact with food. In fact, in daily use, harmful substances may migrate from the materials that electronic products come into contact with food to food, which may affect human health. This issue has aroused the attention of all parties, and various countries have continuously introduced and updated laws and regulations on food-grade materials to maintain consumer safety.

Our main testing product range  

1. Tableware: cutlery, bowls, chopsticks, spoons, cups, etc .;

2. Kitchenware: pot, shovel, cutting board, stainless steel kitchen utensils, etc .;

3. Food packaging containers: sealed cans, wine bottles, lunch boxes, etc .;

4. Insulation products: hot water bottles, insulation cups, etc.

Testing requirements


GB / T 15067.2, GB / T 11426, GB / T3532, GB 17762, QB 1999, QB / T 2174, etc.

United States

FDA, NSF / ANSI 51, CPG 7117.05 & 06 & 07 etc.


1935/2004 / EC, EU No. 10/2011, 84/500 / EEC & 2005/31 / EC, etc.


DGCCRF 2004-64


LFGB, BFR Recommendation, DIN 10955, DIN 51032, etc.


Decree of the Ministry of Health 21-3-1973


JFSL 370



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