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Introduction to CQC certification

1. The CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary product certification services carried out by the China Quality Certification Center. The CQC mark is applied to indicate that the products meet the relevant quality, safety, performance, electromagnetic compatibility and other certification requirements. The certification scope involves mechanical equipment, More than 500 products such as power equipment, electrical appliances, electronic products, textiles, and building materials. The CQC mark certification focuses on safety, electromagnetic compatibility, performance, harmful substances (RoHS) and other indicators that directly reflect product quality and affect the personal and property safety of consumers. It is designed to protect consumer interests, promote product quality, and enhance domestic enterprises ’ International Competitiveness.

2. Resource-saving product certification is one of the voluntary product certification services carried out by the China Quality Certification Center. The "Section" mark is applied to indicate that the product meets the relevant energy-saving and water-saving certification requirements. The certification scope involves electrical appliances and office equipment. , Energy-saving certification of lighting, electromechanical, power transmission and transformation equipment, construction and other products, and water-saving certification of industrial water treatment, urban water use, agricultural irrigation and drainage, non-traditional water resources utilization and other products. The aim is to promote the active consumption of energy-saving products by conducting resource conservation certification, and to guide and encourage the promotion of energy-saving products and the advancement of technology.

3. Environmental product certification is one of the voluntary product certification businesses carried out by the China Quality Certification Center. The application of the "China Environmental Product Certification" mark indicates that the product meets the requirements of relevant environmental certification. Environmentally friendly products such as building materials and light industry. It aims to promote the production and use of environmentally friendly products through the implementation of environmental certification, promote the improvement of the living environment and the natural environment, and strive to achieve a virtuous cycle of the natural environment and sustainable development of the social economy.

CQC certification mark


When the certification only involves safety, the "S" certification mark is used; when the certification involves both safety and electromagnetic compatibility, the "S & E" certification mark is used.

The necessity of CQC certification (the benefits of applying for CQC certification)

1. The gold content of the certification certificate is high and synchronized with the international certification: the technical requirements of enterprises that have obtained CQC product certification are synchronized with the international equivalent product certification, which greatly improves the gold content of the product certification certificate.

2. The certification certificate is synchronized with the domestic compulsory product certification: when the relevant CQC certified products specified by the country are included in the CCC mandatory certification products, on the premise of ensuring product consistency, there is no need for re-testing and certification, and the CQC certificate can be directly converted 3C certificate.

3. Establish a brand and improve market competitiveness: Obtaining CQC product certification means that the product is securely guaranteed by the brand. In the current situation of uneven production companies, it is conducive to improving the popularity and competitiveness of certified product brands and gaining access to the market. The green pass to increase market share helps enterprises achieve the unity of economic and social benefits.

4. Reduce product cost: CQC product certification has been widely recognized and trusted by relevant departments and institutions in various fields. After the company obtains the mark certification, it can greatly reduce repeated testing and repeated certification, reduce production and operating costs, and can also reduce enterprises Product risks that need to be assumed.

5. Achieve corporate sustainable development: CQC product certification encourages companies to improve factory quality assurance capabilities, break some existing workshop-style production models, and establish a modern corporate system; at the same time, advocate that companies actively respond to international trade barriers, based on the country's sustainable development strategy , To help companies get a healthy long-term development.

CQC certification applicable countries

CQC mark certification is one of the voluntary product certification businesses carried out by China Quality Certification Center.

CQC certified product type

1. CQC mark certification

2. Resource saving (energy and water saving) certification

3. Environmental certification

CQC certification process

Stage 1: Application acceptance;

Stage 2: data review;

Stage 3: receiving samples for sample delivery;

Stage 4: Sample testing;

Stage 5: Factory inspection;

Stage 6: Conformity assessment;

Phase 7: Certificate approval;

Stage 8: Print, receive, send and manage the certificate.

Technical information to be submitted for CQC certification

Product specifications; product specifications; product maintenance manuals; product circuit diagrams (including schematics and printed circuit layouts); explanation of the differences between the main model product and the covered model product in the same application unit; details of key components related to product safety Table and detailed list of main parts and components that have an impact on electromagnetic compatibility performance; copy of the certification certificate of key safety components of the product; CB test certificate and report of the product (if any); authorization of trademark use of the product (if any).

Items to be tested for CQC certification

The items to be tested for CQC certification are tested by the laboratory according to the standards of each product.

CQC certification time period and validity period

The certification time period is generally 4 weeks after the samples and materials are complete (excluding the factory inspection time), and the CQC certificate is generally valid for five years.

CQC certification factory inspection and other matters needing attention

(I) Review content: factory quality assurance capability + product consistency check

1. Factory quality assurance ability review. According to CQC "factory quality assurance ability requirements" and "factory inspection record form" for review.

2. Product consistency check

3: Conduct consistency check on the products applying for certification, focusing on verifying the following:

(1) The identity (nameplate) of the certified product is consistent with that indicated in the type test report;

(2) The consistency of the structure of the certified product and the type test samples;

(3) The consistency of the important parts / components of the certified product with the "List of important parts / components" in the type test report;

(4) Carry out on-site inspection in accordance with the "Routine Inspection Items and Confirmation Inspection Items Table".

3. Initial factory inspection method; the initial factory inspection can be carried out separately or in combination with the initial inspection or supervision inspection of CQC certification.

(2) The time of the initial factory inspection; under normal circumstances, the initial factory inspection shall be conducted after the type test is passed. Type tests and factory inspections can also be conducted at the same time as needed. The factory inspection time is determined according to the number of units of the product to be certified, and due consideration is given to the production scale of the factory. Generally, each processing site is 1 to 4 person-days. The specific review time is given in the "Special Requirements for Product Certification Implementation Rules" of the corresponding products. The time of the auditors on the road is calculated by half a working day every day, which is not within the number of people / days listed above.
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