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Wireless product certification:

Products covered by the Wireless Products Directive include:

1. Short-range wireless remote control products (SRD) such as: remote control toy cars, remote control alarm systems, remote control doorbells, remote control switch for remote control toy cars, remote control mouse, keyboard, etc.

2. Professional radio remote control products (RMR) such as: professional wireless walkie-talkies, wireless microphones, etc., corded phones, MODEM , answering machine, PABX . Cordless phone, ISDNN ( digital phone product ) , DECT ( enhanced digital cordless phone ) , GSM , CDMA ...

3. Bluetooth products such as Bluetooth headsets.

R @ TTE instruction introduction

R @ TTE (Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive), radio and communication terminal instructions. Wireless remote control products and communication products exported to the EU must comply with the R & TTE Directive ( Radio and Communication Terminal Directive ) -1999 / 5 / EC requirements.

Wireless product application process

There are certain differences according to the frequency band of the product. For low-frequency wireless products, we usually refer to 27MHZ , 49MHZ , 40MHZ , 433MHZ , 315MHZ , 88-108MHZ , 35MHZ , 72MHZ and these frequencies are in various regions and countries Use differently.

Usable frequency bands: 27MHZ , 49MHZ , 40MHZ , 433MHZ , 315MHZ , 88-108MHZ , 72MHZ

Available frequency bands in Europe: 27MHZ , 40MHZ , 35MHZ , 433MHZ

Brief description of the application process:

1) The customer shall provide complete test samples and complete accessories and submit them to ETS ;

2) Customers need to provide complete technical information ( circuit diagram, PCB board diagram, BOM , product manual, circuit description, technical performance description ) , and the information must require English electronic files;

3) Test by ETS and produce test report;

4) ETS audit data and reports;

5) ETS submits the test report and technical information to TCB , FCC or NotifyBody for review;

6) Certificate issued by TCB , FCC or NotifyBody ;

7) Successful application.

In the FCC application process, there is another aspect that pays special attention to is the provision of FCCID . Usually FCCID is composed of company code + product code:

Among them: company code: a three-digit number or capital letters, issued directly by the FCC ;

Product Code : numbers, letters, "-" the composition, but can not have more than two consecutive or two "-" use, can not use the first and last "-" . The maximum number of digits in this code is 14 or less.

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