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E / e-Mark certification for in - vehicle electronic equipment

Europe has safety certification requirements for complete motor vehicles and safety-related parts and systems, which are specifically reflected in the E mark and e mark certification.

The E mark originates from the Regulation issued by the Economic Commisssion of Europe ( ECE) . At present, ECE includes 28 European countries. In addition to EU member states, it also includes non-European countries such as Eastern Europe and Southern Europe. Usually ECE members are willing to receive test reports and certificates that comply with ECE regulations. The products covered by the E mark certificate are parts and system components. There is no corresponding regulations for vehicle certification. Products that have obtained the E mark certification are accepted by the market. The implementation testing agency for E mark certification is generally the technical service agency of ECE member countries. The issuing authority of the E mark certificate is the government department of the ECE member country, and the certificates of each country have corresponding numbers.

E1- Germany

E2- France

E3- Italy

E4- Netherlands

E5- Sweden

E6- Belgium

E7- Hungary

E8- Czech Republic

E9- Spain

E10- Yugoslavia

E11- UK

E12- Austria

E13- Luxembourg

The e- mark is a certification mark of the European Commission that compels member states to use motor vehicles, safety components and systems in accordance with EU directives. The testing agency must be a technical service agency within the EU member state, and the certification authority is the transportation department of the EU member state government. All member states of the EU that have obtained the e- mark certification will be recognized. As with the E mark certification, the certificates of the member countries have corresponding numbers:

e1- Germany

e2- France

e3- Italy

e4- Netherlands

e5- Sweden

e6- Belgium

e7- Hungary

e8- Czech Republic

e9- Spain

e11- UK

e12- Austria

e13- Luxembourg

For most automotive electronic products, the technical requirements of E / e mark are mainly the electromagnetic compatibility requirements of the products. For E mark, the regulation is ECE 10.02, e mark is 95/54 / EC . The technical requirements of the two are basically the same, and the near-field ( 1m test distance) of electromagnetic disturbance of the whole vehicle or vehicle-mounted components is required to meet the limits of broadband and narrowband. At the same time, the components related to vehicle driving control meet the anti-interference requirements of electromagnetic radiation.

From 2006 years . 1 dated, E Mark new directive 2004/104 / EC replaces 95/54 is / EC . The new directive has the same restrictions on the issuance of electromagnetic interference as the old directive, but the scope of functions of products requiring anti-interference testing is clearly defined and expanded.

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