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What product shall be CE RED? What tests does CE RED do?

With the development of science and technology, the application of products has become more and more extensive. Nowadays, many products have more and more functions, and the range involved has become wider and wider. Many products may involve wireless transmission functions. It is talking about " radio equipment " .

So, what is " radio equipment " ? Radio ------ refers to the intentional emission and ( or ) receive radio waves, the main function for the radio communications and ( or ) radio location of electrical or electronic product, or must have accessories (antenna) to transmit and ( or a ) receiving radio waves used in radio communications and ( or ) radiolocation electrical or electronic products.

While the above " radio equipment " products are sold to various regions or countries of the European Union, when CE certification is performed, the corresponding CE certification directive needs to use the CE RED directive. At the same time, we all know: the EU wireless products CE RED directive in 2017 Nian 6 Yue 13 enforcement date, the directive replace the Radio and Telecommunications Terminal Equipment Directive ( R & TTE Directive), in line with the old R & TTE Directive product will not be sold in the EU market , through inspection to remind you: any 2017 Nian 6 Yue 13 put on the market after the date when the product must comply with RED instruction, do CE authentication, you must use CE RED certification .

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Now, let me share with you (CE certification) the difference between the EU CE RED directive and the old standard R & TTE directive:

1). The product range in the CE RED directive only includes: wireless communication and wireless identification equipment (such as RFID , radar, motion detection, etc.). Wired communication terminal equipment ( TTE ) is removed, and radio frequency equipment is not used for communication or identification products are under the control of electromagnetic compatibility EMC directive and low voltage LVD directive;

2). The lower limit of the frequency range covered by the CE RED directive has been cancelled (previously, the starting frequency of R & TTE control was 9 kHz ), while the upper limit remains unchanged at 3000 GHz ;

3). " Type inspection certificate " replaces the assessment opinions of the notified body; if the manufacturer uses the CE mark (complete quality assurance - type H ) with the number of the notified body , it must be evaluated by the notified body before its quality system can be used;

4). Class 2 equipment does not need to be notified to the national spectrum agencies; at the same time, Class 2 equipment does not need to be marked (warning number " ! " ), But the warning signs of limited use in individual countries still need to appear on product packaging;

5). The user manual must indicate the radio frequency used by the product: frequency band and transmit power; the address and contact information of the manufacturer and importer must appear on the device, and when the device is too small it can appear in the user manual.

6). The kit products for personal evaluation are no longer under control (ie, RED certification is not required ); the inspection pass inspection reminds you that the wireless broadcast receiver is now included in the scope of the RED directive (previously covered in the EMC directive and low voltage LVD instruction)

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Please note: Products such as TVs, set-top boxes, and radios were not included in the scope of the R & TTE directive, but now they have been added to the CE RED directive, and EN 303 340 (DVB-T) has been added to the latest version of the RED harmonized standard list / T2) , EN 303 372 (DVB-S / S2) and other standards, while also increasing the RF performance requirements for such products. Through inspection to remind you: since 2017 Nian 6 Yue 13 date for televisions, set-top boxes, radios and other products exported to the EU countries, do CE must meet the authentication CE RED instruction.

The corresponding RF test standards are as follows:

EN 303 340 (DTV digital TV ),

EN 303 345 (DAB digital signal broadcasting , FM, AM radio ),

EN 303 372-1 (Outdoor Satellite Broadcast Reception outdoor satellite broadcast reception ),

EN 303 372-2 (Indoor Satellite Broadcast Reception room satellite broadcast reception ) .

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Secondly, to share with you the scope of product certification in the CE RED directive

1). Short-range wireless remote control products ( SRD ) such as: remote control toy cars, remote alarm systems, remote doorbells, remote switches, remote mice, keyboards, WIFI related products, etc.

2). Professional radio remote control products ( PMR ) such as: professional wireless intercom, wireless microphone, etc.

3). CTO , CT1 of wireless telephone ; ISDN (digital telephone product); DECT (enhanced digital wireless telephone)

4). Mobile phone GSM , CDMA test

5). Bluetooth products such as: Bluetooth headset, Bluetooth speaker, Bluetooth adapter.

6). Inductive data transmission equipment with operating frequency <9 kHz .

7). Wireless broadcast receiver equipment such as TV, set-top box, radio

Finally, everyone must know the test items of CE RED:

1 ) Safety test Safety (In the RED directive, RF products with battery input also need to do this test)

2 ) Radio communication equipment test ( RF test) according to European ETSI standard

3 ) Electrical safety and health protection testing ( Health and / or SAR assessment)

4 ) Information notification of permitted spectrum in Europe ( Notification )

5 ) Electromagnetic compatibility test ( EMC test)

6 ) CTR (TBR) test

This article mainly introduces: What products should be CE RED? What tests does CE RED do? What is the difference from the old instruction R & TTE?

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