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★ Introduction to CE certification


CE is an abbreviation of the French, the English meaning "European Conformity namely the European Community , in fact, CE or European languages in many countries of the " EC " abbreviation for the phrase, the original phrase in English EUROPEAN COMMUNITY abbreviated as EC , due to the EC is in the French COMMUNATE EUROPEIA , Italian for the COMUNITA EUROPEA , Portuguese is COMUNIDADE EUROPEIA , Spanish COMUNIDADE EUROPE , etc., so change the EC for the CE . Of course, may also wish to CE deemed CONFORMITY the WITH EUROPEAN ( DEMAND ) (in line with European (request)), constitute the core of the European directive " main requirements " in the EC 1985 Nian 5In the “Resolution of New Method for Technical Coordination and Standards” ( 85 / C136 / 01 ) on July 7th , it has a specific meaning for the “ main requirements ” that are required for the purpose of formulating and implementing directives , that is, only for products that do not endanger humans and animals The basic safety requirements for the safety of goods and not the general quality requirements. The coordination directive only stipulates the main requirements, which are standard tasks.

★ CE certification model

For almost all EU product directives, the directive usually provides manufacturers with several CE certification (Conformity Assessment Procedures) modes (Module), manufacturers can tailor their own conditions, choose the most suitable for their own mode.

Generally speaking, the CE certification model can be divided into the following 9 basic models:

Module A: internal production control

Mode A: Internal production control (self-declaration)

Module Aa: intervention of a Notified Body

Mode Aa: Internal production control, plus 3rd party inspection

Module B: EC type-examination

Mode B: EC type test

Module C: conformity to type

Mode C: conform to type

Module D: production quality assurance

Mode D: Production quality assurance

Module E: product quality assurance 

Mode E: Product quality assurance

Module F: product verification

Mode F: Product verification

Module G: unit verification

Mode G: Unit verification

Module H: full quality assurance

Mode H: Total quality assurance

Based on the different combinations of the above basic modes, several other different modes may be derived.

★ CE certification test content

During CE certification, the tested content is different according to different products; ordinary wired products are required to do LVD + EMC when doing CE; wireless products are required to do LVD + EMC + RF + Health when doing certification ,and many more.


With the continuous upgrading of products, there will be more problems with the safety performance of products, such as: high temperature, high pressure, high heat, fire, explosion, etc., countries around the world will increasingly test the safety hazards of products sold in their countries Strictly, it also requires related products to be tested for safety , and the corresponding countries will have different certifications.

Asia: CCC, CQC, KC, PSE, S-mark, BSMI, PSB, SASO
North and South America: UL / cUL, FDA, ETL / cETL, CEC, cTUVus, Energy Star, CSA / CSAus, NOM, IRAM, UC
Australia and Africa: SAA, MEPS, SONCAP, SABS
Global certification mark: CB

★ Service Scope

Assist customers in the product design stage: evaluate the structural design, eliminate potential safety hazards, and avoid the loss of remodeling. Such as the electrical clearance of the circuit, creepage distance, safety isolation, etc.
For product certification, electrical testing, safety assessment, data collation, and assistance with report review, save application time and reduce customer trouble in the certification application process.
Assist customers to deal with the problems arising from factory inspections, and assist customers in matters related to factory inspections.
Assist enterprises to carry out Safety personnel training / Safety regulations and standards consultation of various countries / Laboratory space rental

★ Test scope and standard

Battery pack products UL2054
toy EN50088, EN71
ups IEC / EN62040-1-1
Information products IEC / EN60950-1, UL60950-1, AS / NZS60950.1, CSA C22.2 NO60950-1

Audio and video products IEC / EN60065, UL6500, AS / NZS60065, CSA C22.2 NO60065-1

Home appliances IEC / EN60335-1 / -2, AS / NZS60335.1 / .2
Lighting products IEC / EN60598-1 / -2, AS / NZS60598.1 / .2
Transformer power supply products IEC / EN61558-1 / -2, AS / NZS61558.1 / .2
Lamp control products IEC / EN61347-1 / -2, AS / NZS61347.1 / .2
Fans UL507
Household motor products UL982
Oven or baking tray UL1026
Home-made coffee maker and brewed modeling products UL1082
Household electric skillet pans and frying products UL1083
Motor massage and training products UL1647
Clothes ironing UL141
Personal hygiene and healthcare products UL1431
Transformers for audio and video UL1411
Class 2 power supply UL1310
Energy-saving lamps / electronic ballasts UL1993, UL935
Portable lamps UL153
flashlight UL1598

★ Test items and charging standards

Test items Charges
Power measurement Input test 200 yuan / time
Heating test 500 yuan / time
Humidity Test 800 yuan / day
Thermal shock 200 yuan / h
Leakage current 200 yuan / time
Electric Strength test 200 yuan / time
Insulation resistance measurement 200 yuan / time
Earth continuity test 200 yuan / time
Cord anchorage test 200 yuan / time
Stability test 200 yuan / time
Plug torque test 200 yuan / time
Impact test 200 yuan / time
Working Voltage Measurement 300 yuan / time
Fault conditions test 500 yuan / time
Overload test 500 yuan / time
Motor lock-rotor test 400 yuan / time
Plug discharge test Cap. Discharge 200 yuan / time
Screw torque test 200 yuan / time
Tumbling test 400 yuan / time
Ball pressure test 400 / material
Glow-wire test 400 / material
Needle flame test 400 / material

★ Safety test items

Input test

Tide test

Steel ball impact test

Contact current test

Label durability test

Creepage distance and clearance

Drop test

Electrical strength test

Capacitor discharge test

Operating Voltage

Stress relief test

Anomaly test

Current limit circuit test

Power cord pull test

Load test

Heat and flame resistance

Power limit test

Stability test

In-line device torque test

Ball pressure test

Protective earth impedance

250N stability test

Temperature rise test

Radiation, toxicity and similar hazards

★ Introduction of EMC

With the development of electrical and electronic technology, the electromagnetic environment is becoming more and more complex and deteriorating, and the electromagnetic compatibility EMC testing of electrical and electronic products is increasingly valued by governments and manufacturing companies of various countries. The legal requirements for electronic and electrical products in various countries are becoming stricter.

At present, in all major advanced countries in the world, in order to properly protect wireless communication and computer information control, electromagnetic interference (EMI) generated during the operation of commodities or should have appropriate electromagnetic anti-interference ability (EMS) are mandatory. Such as: FCC in the United States, VCCI in Japan, C-Tick in Australia, CE Mark in Europe, BSMI in Taiwan, CCC in China. Electronic information products that are about to enter the country must be applied and tested before they can be imported and legally sold.

★ EMC test items

Radiation harassment test / RE

Electrostatic discharge immunity / ESD

RF electromagnetic field conducted immunity / CS

Conducted harassment test / CE

Radio frequency electromagnetic field radiation immunity / RS

Voltage sags, short interruptions and voltage change immunity / DIPs

Harmonic current / Harmonic

Electrical fast transient burst immunity / EFT

Harassment power

Voltage fluctuation and flicker

Surge (shock) immunity / SURGE

★ EMC test standard

EN 55032

EN 55024

EN 55013

EN 55020

EN 55015

EN 61547

EN 55014-1

EN 55014-2

EN 61000-3-2

EN 61000-3-3

EN 61000-6-1

EN 61000-6-2

EN 61000-6-3

EN 61000-6-4

EN 61000-4-2

EN 61000-4-3

EN 61000-4-4

EN 61000-4-5

EN 61000-4-6

EN 61000-4-11

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