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The UL mark is a recognized safety certification mark in the United States and North America. Products with this mark are equivalent to obtaining a safety quality credit card, and its credibility has been accepted by consumers. Therefore, the UL mark has become a special pass for related products (especially electromechanical products) to enter the US and North American markets. The UL mark is divided into three categories, namely listing, grading and approved marks. The main component of these marks is the UL logo. They are all registered trademarks, which are applied to different service products, and are not universal.

● Column name

UL 's listing mark on products indicates that the manufacturer's entire product samples have been tested by UL and meet the applicable UL requirements.

Products with this mark have been assessed for their limited range of danger or suitable range of use.

● Requirements for parts certification

In order to speed up the evaluation of products or systems and save money, for components with incomplete components or limited performance, the products / systems used for UL listing or classification can be subjected to meta / component certification. The use of UL certified components in any final product does not mean that the product itself is a UL listed product.

● UL certification advantages and projects

--Audiovisual Products

--Electronic Components

--Household appliances

--Industrial control equipment

--Information technology equipment

--Lamps and other lighting equipment

--Medical devices and laboratory equipment

--Plastic and chemical products

--Wire and Cable

● UL certification application process

1 ) Sign a proxy agreement ( AA Form ), and submit a written application and information about the company and products to UL for quotation.

★ Company Information

(a). Applicant company: a company that applies for product testing and is responsible for all engineering service costs

(b). Listed companies: companies whose names are listed in various product catalogs published by UL

(c). Production plant: the manufacturer and producer of the product.

★ Product information: Product information should be provided in English. We and UL 's project engineers will first determine whether the product falls within the scope of UL testing.

(a). Product name: Provide the full name of the product.

(b). Product model: List all product models, varieties or classification numbers that need to be tested.

(c). The intended use of the product: for example: home, office, factory, coal mine, ship, etc.

(d). Parts list: detail the components and models ( classification number ) , ratings, and manufacturer's name that make up the product . For insulating materials, the name of the raw material should be provided, for example: GE Polycarbonate, Lexan Type 104 . When a part has been UL certified or recognized, please provide the specific model of the part and indicate its UL file number.

(e). Electrical performance: For electronic appliances. Provide electrical schematic diagram (circuit diagram), electrical performance table.

(f). Structural drawing: For most products, the structural drawing or exploded drawing of the product, ingredient list, etc. are required.

(g). Product photos, instructions for use, safety, etc. or installation instructions.

2 ) Quotation: When the product information is complete, we and the UL engineers make the following decisions based on the information: the UL standard on which the experiment is based , the engineering cost of the test, the test time, the number of samples, etc., and notify the customer in writing.

3 ) Remittance (our agency fee and UL regulation fee)

4 ) Pre-testing (including structural review and product pre-testing by our company)

5 ) Send samples for UL or witness test. If the test passes the case, the next step can be carried out. If the test fails, retesting and payment of retesting fees are required.

6 ) Letter of conclusion.

NOC (Notice of Completion) --- UL informs that the application has been completed, but still can not be shipped , the first factory inspection is required before shipment.

NOA (Notice of Authorization) --- Using this authorization letter can use UL Mark to ship.

7) The applicant is authorized to use the UL mark

In China's UL region inspectors contact the factory for the production of the first factory inspection (Inspection Initial Production's .IPI) , inspectors check your products and their components in the case of the production line and warehouse warehousing to confirm whether the product mix and parts The tracking service details are consistent. If required by the details, the regional inspector will also conduct a witness experiment. When the inspection results meet the requirements, the applicant is authorized to use the UL mark.

After the IPI , the inspector will visit the factory from time to time to inspect the product structure and conduct witness experiments. The frequency of inspection is determined by the product type and production volume. Most types of products are inspected at least four times a year. Ensure that the products continue to comply with UL requirements. Before you plan to change the product structure or components, please notify UL first . For minor changes, there is no need to repeat any experiments. UL can quickly modify the tracking service rules so that the inspectors can accept This change. When UL believes that the product changes affect its safety performance, it needs to apply for the company to resubmit samples for necessary testing.

The cost of the tracking service is not included in the test fee, and UL will send you another invoice for the tracking service.

If the product test results cannot meet the UL standard requirements, UL will notify the applicant to explain the existing problems. After the applicant improves the product design, the product can be re-inspected. You should tell the UL engineer what improvements have been made to the product so that it can decide the above It is a step to apply for UL certification.

UL certification flow chart:

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